Why choose a Doodle?

We know you have numerous options when looking for your new furry family member and we understand that this decision is a tough one. With so many options why would you want to choose a doodle? Well, here are just a few reasons we LOVE our doodles….


Contrary to their non-poodle parent, doodles typically shed very little. This makes them fabulous dogs for families with allergies and those who do not wish to deal with dog hair all the time. That is not to say that they won’t or can’t shed, but it is typically nothing even close to what their non-poodle parent sheds.


Many purebred breeds have numerous health issues. However, Poodles are known to be some of the healthiest AKC breeds with fewer health issues. Add on top of that the Hybrid Vigor you get with crossing a poodle with another breed and your Doodles are typically very healthy, as long as both parents are properly screened for heredity defects. 


Poodles are consistently ranked as one of the top 3 most intelligent dog breeds. Crossing a Poodle with other highly intelligent breeds almost always leads to smarter puppies who are easier to train and more attentive to their families when raised and trained in a family atmosphere. 


Doodles are fabulous family dogs and very eager to please. Properly bred and raised doodles make loving companions and family members. 


How can anyone pass up these adorable teddy-bear faces?!? Doodles just have a very distinct look about them and, like your favorite childhood teddy-bear, love to snuggle and be loved.

Why Choose A La Di Da Doodle?

What makes a La Di Da Doodle stand out from the rest? Why should you choose our pups when there are others out there for less and maybe even closer to home? Well, I’m glad you asked. Here are just a few of the things that make La Di Da Doodles stand out as a pup above the rest!

Genetic Testing:

All of our Moms and Dads have had full genetic testing completed and have passed all recommended breed tests. What does that mean for you? Well, that means our puppy parents are not passing on poor genetics that can lead to things like blindness, deafness, immobility, autoimmune deficiencies, and many more.

Health Guarantee:

Unlike many of those puppies you find listed online or in your local newspaper ads, our puppies come with a one year health guarantee. You can read more about what is and is not covered in our health guarantee on that page. 

Family Centered Rearing:

Unlike some breeders we do NOT use Guardian Homes. ALL of our Moms are raised right here in our own home. Raising our dogs and their puppies in our own home allows us to be confident in their upbringing, manners, demeanor with others, their medical treatment, their diets, and their affection. They are beyond spoiled and loved and are indoors at all times. We do not leave our Mommas outside all the time or kenneled in our backyard. Our girls have their own rooms and are constantly with us in our own home.

All Of The Extras:

All of our puppies come with a Care Package. This includes all of the important medical history such as a complete worming and shot record, a certified Veterinarian exam, dew claws removed when present, tails docked for Doodles that customarily have their tails docked, a microchip with registration information, and a custom birth certificate. In addition to all of the medical information included in your Care Package we also include 2 age appropriate toys, a blanket with their mom and siblings scent to help comfort them during their time of transition, a significant start on potty training (we use a litter box as we find puppies trained on pads tend to pee on any fabric on the ground, not just pee pads), and a bag of their current (and recommended) puppy food Nutrena Loyall Life Puppy.