Meet Beau. He is an amazing 9 pound Champion AKC registered toy poodle stud owned by Gayann H. of Pleasant View, Utah! He is a Phantom Tri-color party poodle and is health certified to insure the healthiest pups possible. He has been genetically tested and found fully clear of all common diseases found in poodles. He has two copies of both the Curl and Furnishings gene as well.  He is OFA ( Orthopedic Foundation of America) hip, elbow, eye, heart, thyroid certified. He is also pennhip certified & he is AKC DNA certified. 


Meet Killer. He is a giant lovable teddy bear living in Central Idaho on a working ranch. He is a beautiful 5 and a half year old AKC registered Bernese Mountain Dog with a very stout build and blocky head unlike many of the other Bernese locally available.  This lends itself to having large, blocky, and stout puppies!!  He has been fully genetically tested and cleared of all hereditary disorders.  Killer is currently weighing in over 110 pounds!!!  Killer loves to be outside guarding his herds and playing with his family. He is extremely loyal and loving. Killer is owned and greatly loved by Lex Smith of Rupert, ID.



Meet Jack-Jack.  He is an absolutely adorable deep red 5 pound 2 year old AKC registered Toy Poodle. He loves to play and cuddle up to Netflix marathons with his owners. He is cleared of every common poodle genetic disorder in addition to 160 other disorders. He carries double alleles for curl, non-shedding, furnishings, and a long coat length. Jack-Jack is locally owned and pampered by our dear friends.