Welcome to La Di Da Doodles

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About Us

We are a small, family-based, breeder raising all of our dogs in our own home. Before we moved to Utah, we focused on breeding our beloved German Short-Haired Pointers and training our puppies to hunt while living in Oklahoma. Since moving to Utah, we have found our deep love for our beloved dogs as companions and have focused on raising the most loving family dogs we can. We have been truly blessed with 4 amazing children and 2 fabulous fur babies.  With almost 10 years of breeding experience, we specialize in well rounded, well bred, healthy, and loving Standard, Miniature, and Toy Doodles to be the perfect family members.  We are located in Northern Utah and all puppy showings are by appointment only. Please feel free to look around and contact us with any questions. 

Our Mission

Our mission at La Di Da Doodles is to share our love and passion for our fabulous dogs. With almost 10 years experience breeding and training dogs we understand what makes a wonderful furry family member. We love our dogs, and it shows!

Our Passion

Our dogs are our passion and we strive to emphasize quality over quantity in our breeding program. We only have a very limited number of litters per year as we do not utilize Guardian Homes. While some breeders utilize Guardian Homes we feel raising our dogs in our own home allows us to be confident in their upbringing, care, behavior, and health. Our females have had all recommended heredity screening and are cleared to breed. This allows us to stand behind our puppies and offer our one year health guarantee. We also take great pride in the studs we use, meticulously scrutinizing their papers, lineage, genetics, and demeanor to ensure proper parentage. All studs we utilize have passed all applicable heredity testing as well as personality and behavioral screenings. We want only the best for our babies and their new families.